6" Reflex suction strainer

Advanced Flexible De-watering and Filtration Devices for Harsh Environments

Patent Pending no. 2015902356 - Australian Design Registration Number 362894 - United States of America Design Application Number 29/549,353 - International (PCT) Patent Application Number PCT/AU2016/050160

Increase Safety - People and Equipment

  • No sharp edges reducing hand injuries
  • No submersed steel reducing underwater cut hazard
  • Lightweight reducing lift and impact injuries

Time Saving - Quick and Easy

  • No additional tools required to install
  • Single part for installation and removal
  • Easy to clean
  • Push on, pop off design
  • Corrosion Resistant – Polymers don’t rust
  • No need for refurbishment paint or sand blasting
  • Longer lasting in high and low pH conditions
  • Recyclable material

Cost Savings - Spend more time pumping

  • Reduce strainer replacement
  • Reduced man hours cleaning strainers
  • Reduced man hours fixing broken strainers
  • Reduced man hours installing  strainers
  • Reduced pump downtime
  • Reduced injuries
  • Reduced equipment damage
  • Reduced equipment maintenance
  • Provide better protection for your assets
  • Confidence in the product surviving transit to during and from site


Filtration flow    >4 x surface area to suction aperture

Elongation   Safe capability 450%

Length  TBA

Width  TBA

Weight  approx. 2000g

Hardness  >60 - 70 shore A

Temp. range    Safe -66°c to 100+°c

Colour  Yellow/Orange (colour on request)

Size  6”

Hole Size  TBA

Thermoplastic Elastomer compound (TPE) developed by Hexpol Germany www.hexpolTPE.com

Manufactured in accordance to ISO9001

Designed to fit standard 6” female Bauer fitting