6" Reflex suction strainer

Advanced Flexible De-watering and Filtration Devices for Harsh Environments

Patent Pending no. 2015902356 - Australian Design Registration Number 362894 - United States of America Design Application Number 29/549,353 - International (PCT) Patent Application Number PCT/AU2016/050160

Increase Safety - People and Equipment

  • No sharp edges reducing hand injuries

  • No submersed steel reducing underwater cut hazard

  • Lightweight reducing lift and impact injuries

Time Saving - Quick and Easy

  • No additional tools required to install

  • Single part for installation and removal

  • Easy to clean

  • Push on, pop off design

  • Corrosion Resistant – Polymers don’t rust

  • No need for refurbishment paint or sand blasting

  • Longer lasting in high and low pH conditions

  • Recyclable material

Cost Savings - Spend more time pumping

  • Reduce strainer replacement

  • Reduced man hours cleaning strainers

  • Reduced man hours fixing broken strainers

  • Reduced man hours installing strainers

  • Reduced pump downtime

  • Reduced injuries

  • Reduced equipment damage

  • Reduced equipment maintenance

  • Provide better protection for your assets

  • Confidence in the product surviving transit to during and from site


Filtration flow    >2 x surface area to suction aperture

Elongation   Safe capability 450%

Length  350mm

Width  240mm

Weight  approx. 2000g

Hardness  >60 - 70 shore A

Temp. range    Safe -66°c to 100+°c

Colour  Hi Vis Orange

Size  6”

Hole Size  35mm x 40

Manufactured in accordance to ISO9001

Designed to fit standard 6” female Bauer fitting